Skincare Results How long does it take?

SPARK Skincare products

When using the ✨SPARK✨ skincare line of products clients often ask:
How long will it take until I start seeing results? A great question!

When someone is having skin trouble, s/he wants an instant remedy. We are in a time when we expect results at the snap of a finger. Right now! While that may work with technology, it doesn’t apply to skincare or health in general.

It’s common today for people to try skincare products and, after 24- 48 hours, think to themselves, I’m not seeing a difference… Let me go buy and try out some new products. But actually, continuously trying out new products could cause more damage to the skin. 

Skincare goals are similar to fitness goals. Time, care and consistency are the keys. With a positive outlook, patience and commitment, results will come. Research shows that the natural rhythm of the skin takes 28 days. Meaning, our skin goes through a cycle every 28 days. So when it comes to trying new products, it’ll take a good month for the skin to absorb, adjust and achieve real, lasting results. 

Be patient, be consistent, and you will see results.
✨Keep on SPARKling✨

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