Connecting during the Corona crisis

I’m an intimate person, I enjoy connection with people. That’s what I love about my work.

I’m generally reluctant to posting on social outlets. Maybe it’s because I enjoy my privacy, or maybe it’s because I feel a sense of vulnerability when I do share.

Being on lockdown, unable to travel and spend Passover with my family breaks my heart. I find myself fighting back tears at various times throughout the day. We always cook, sing, and take part in group activities together… Truly never a dull moment in the Bergman household when the whole family gets together. 🐝

Harnessing these feelings and the painful shut down of SPARK, I’ve turned to a creative outlet, requested by YOU.

For a while now, clients and friends have been asking me to offer workshops, courses, and videos for trainings and education. So here I am, the gal who finds herself overwhelmed by the sea of social platforms beginning to post, for you, my clients and friends. I understand, due to various algorithms, the content my not reach you, specifically those who have requested.

We are all in this together. No matter where you are in the world or the monetary situation you are in. At this time the videos and content are 100% FREE.

I’m creating these for you, to feel good to understand the science of your skin to achieve that healthy, natural, radiant inner sparkle. To know that “good skin” is beyond the surface and products we use.

✨I look forward to sharing more free education with you. If you use these videos, let me know; if you enjoyed a video, let a friend know.✨

💖SPARKle Strong💖

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