Gift a Soldier

Shalom! My name is Asher Kaplan. In February 2010, I left Boca Raton FL and came to Israel. One month later, March 2010 I enlisted in the Israeli Defense Forces as a lone soldier, serving in Netzach Yehuda; a combat infantry unit. Leaving my family and friends in the states and coming to serve in the IDF was challenging in many ways. Mainly, I missed my family and friends and the comforts of the Florida lifestyle which is the complete opposite to the rough and rugged IDF lifestyle. The IDF quickly threw me into a “break and shape” regiment. My overall fitness quickly improved and with that, the natural aches and pains of intense workouts accompanied with long distance marches carrying all of our heavy gear. One thought I always had coming home to Jerusalem for my weekend off was: man, I could really use a massage! But affording one on the meager salary of a soldier was an issue, also finding the hour in my little time off was problematic. 

Fast forward ten years later and I am the co-owner of SPARK body & soul. A skin care and massage wellness center in Rechavia, Jerusalem, which was founded in 2015.

Since our opening, we have offered a 20% discount to soldiers and security forces. 

I have set up a coordination channel with the Michael Levine lone soldier center. We will send the purchased massage/facial gift certificates  which they will hand out to lone soldiers. The soldiers will then contact us to schedule, and once the gift is redeemed an email will be sent to the person gifting the soldier. A full circle. Give a gift and receive a confirmation of the fruits of your generosity. A pleased, relaxed and SPARKling lone soldier, ready to return to their mentally and physically challenging environment renewed and recharged.  

We will accommodate the soldiers by making an exception on Fridays, when we are usually closed, since for most soldiers that is the only day they have off.   

The sponsored gift vouchers are being sold at the 20% discount that we offer to soldiers and security forces WITH the option to donate the remaining 20% to the Michael Levine lone soldier center.